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We’re Abbie and Tom, the wedding photographer and videographer duo that are Hearts And Arrows.

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Our goal is to create a beautiful momento you can look back on and cherish for years to come.

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Wedding Videography

Guess what…. As of January, 2020, we are now officially offering wedding videography. This is BIG news!

Why? Well, for this year only, we’re offering very affordable wedding videography packages for select clients.

The discount on these can anywhere up to a couple of thousand dollars off. So this is certainly something to jump on, as budgeting for a wedding can be hard.

Check out the package options below.


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Wedding Video Packages

Wedding Highlights Video

2-5 minutes length
Highlights from throughout the day
Video messages from select guests
Ceremony highlights
Select or edited speeches
5 hours of shooting time included (extra time available)
Your choice of unlicensed song
Professional audio equipment
1080p High Definition video quality

1 Hour Video

Up to 60 minutes long
Highlights from throughout the day
Video messages from guests
Ceremony highlights
Select and/or edited speeches
7 hours of shooting time included (extra time available)
Your choice of unlicensed song/s
Professional audio equipment
1080p High Definition video quality
4K Available

Full Wedding Video

1 to 3 hours finished video length
Everything we get on the day
Video messages from select guests
Ceremony in full
Full speeches
10 hours of shooting time included (extra available)
Your choice of unlicensed song
Professional audio equipment
1080p High Definition video quality



Optional Extras

Extra Time
Licensed Songs
Video Message Booths For Guests
Drone Footage

What is a wedding highlights video?

A shortened version of a wedding film. This is a great cost-effective option that captures all the love and excitement, but in a much more succinct version.

What is included in the wedding highlights video

We’re happy to work with you to create a timeline to work towards. Usually we go with the guest mingle, bride and groom arrival, ceremony, speech highlights, some messages from select guests, select speech sections, and dancing.

Full wedding videography

These include everything we capture on the day, edited together, and turned into a full-length video that captures all of the day’s events. These are much more involved to capture and take much longer to edit, but the result is something you’ll cherish forever.



Wedding Photography Packages

You can combine your wedding videography with a photography package and get unbeatable value! No matter what your preference – for photos or video, or both, we can make it happen for your special day.

The best option is an all day wedding photography and videography with a wedding highlights video. But we’re happy to attend any event.

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Do you offer 4K video quality?

Sure, we can do 4K wedding videography! With the way phones, computers and even TV’s are progressing, 4K is going to be the new normal.

These files are absolutely huge though which requires the use of special gear and adds time to our editing process. For this reason 4K is more expensive than regular 1080p High Definition wedding videos to make.

1080P is still really good though when you shoot it with the best quality gear like we do. Most people would not be able to pick the difference, either.


What is the difference between wedding film and wedding cinematography?

Wedding films are more like a regular wedding video.

Whereas wedding cinematography adds in elements of movie making, with more direction, perhaps some scripting, and has a different look and feel to the finished product. Think about the difference between a home movie and a big screen movie in the cinema.


What is your wedding video style?

Essentially, the same as our photography style! Editing videos is much the same as photography, but with more emphasis on timing. The same elements still apply, though – composition, lighting, pattern, and movement.

These are the ingredients for excellent wedding photography and videography.

We also have professional level audio and lighting equipment, meaning we are ready to produce gorgeous quality videos that capture all the details.

Where do you service?

We’re based on the Gold Coast and Brisbane for now, but are happy to travel (usually at no extra cost to you).

So, we’ll be doing lots of Brisbane wedding videography and Gold Coast wedding videography.


Can we choose our own song for our wedding video?

Yes, you sure can. Sometimes music is very special for a couple, so we’re more than happy to work with what you like. Having said that, not all songs are good to put with videos. Some songs also require a licensing fee to be used. Luckily, there are heaps of good unlicensed songs out there for wedding videos.

If you’re not sure then we can go ahead and find what suits. We’re great at picking songs that suit the tempo and mood of the scene at hand.


Can we have the raw video footage too?

Sure, that’s no problem provided they’re just for your personal collection. We can put it on a BYO hard drive that you supply. We can also edit them into one looooonng film at an additional price, too.


Do you offer wedding video post production services?

We’re more than happy to re-work your videos to give them new life. If you can provide us with the raw files that’s even better, too. We can breathe new life into your special day’s wedding videography and get it looking like how you originally envisioned it.

We also offer services for busy photographers and videographers – say hello!


Can we book two wedding videographers for the big day?

We usually work as a team so we’d love to attend together and make some magic. Sometimes we are booked at different times and different places, though, so sadly its not always possible. Please let us know if you’d like both of us to film. Or one of us can take photos while the other one films – there’s heaps of options.