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We’re Abbie and Tom, the wedding photographer duo that are Hearts And Arrows.

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Our goal is to create beautiful wedding photos that you’ll cherish for now and ever!

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We LOVE Sydney Wedding Photography!

As Australia’s capital city Sydney has it all. From the beautiful beaches to the metropolitan lifestyle and out to the gorgeous Blue Mountains. There really is no other place like Sydney!

Sydney is a GREAT place to get married. There aren’t many other locations that offer so much choice and flexibility. Let alone the iconic locations on offer – think Bondi Beach, The Sydney Harbour Bridge, The Blue Mountains, and lots more.

We love spending time visiting this unique place to photograph weddings whenever we get the chance.

Read on to get some inside info about booking wedding photography in Sydney, wedding photography prices in Sydney, wedding photography locations in Sydney, and lots more.

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“A wedding is an event, performance and celebration all rolled into one.”

Best wedding photographers in Sydney? That's us! Our unbeatable value and gorgeous photos are hard to pass up ;)
Check out our unbeatable Sydney Wedding Photography Prices - Hearts And Arrows Is Your Best Choice For A Wedding Photographer!
Affordable wedding photographer Sydney - That's us!

You can stop looking for a professional Sydney wedding photographer…. NOW!

If you want to relax on your wedding day knowing your photos will turn out just great, then you need to book us.

We have the gear, knowledge, personality and unbeatable value, and we also have much less risk involved!

Many photographers develop a certain style and like to stick to it. A lot of photographers also don’t know how to control light and focus on only using natural light or available light for their photos.

This can be a good and bad thing – but what happens when your wedding presents them with a challenge that they can’t handle?

You might end up with dark pictures or missed photos, which is usually due to inexperience.

This is recipe for disaster and definitely cause for concern – everyone wants to have a perfect wedding after all.

We recommend you hire a professional wedding photographer who can handle anything your event might throw at them – like us!

We have over 10 years of experience as professional photographers in fashion and advertising and all the necessary skills, expensive equipment, and artistic ability to make amazing things happen.

Pre-Wedding Photoshoots Sydney - Creative, Natural and Fine Art Engagement Photography With Hearts And Arrows

Pre-Wedding Photoshoots

Engagement photoshoots are a great way to make some memories before your special day happens!

Pre-wedding photoshoots are sometimes called engagement photoshoots. An engagement photoshoot usually involves both the bride and groom to be having their picture taken in a relaxed and natural way.

The goal with these is usually to create a memory of the time before they were married with some cute couple photos. Great for Instagram, Facebook, and sending to Mum!

Pre-wedding photos are also the perfect way to get some photos to use for wedding invites.

Many couple shoots go for a creative approach too – think themes, beautiful locations, outfits, portraits and lots more.

We offer pre-wedding photoshoots as a bonus for our higher-end “Forever” wedding photography package.

But you can also book an engagement shoot by itself – just say hello to get started!


“I want a creative, unique, beautiful and personal set of photos – can you help?”

Of course! We love getting asked to create something special.

Every couple has a unique love story. It’s what makes everyone’s romance special.

We think everyone deserves a unique wedding photography service that’s tailored to exactly what they want.

The kinds of wedding photography we get asked for the most are –

  • Candid Wedding Photography
    Candid wedding photography is all about capturing the moment. The candid approach usually doesn’t worry about fancy lighting, posing, creative ideas or anything else, really. It’s just about snapping a snap when the timing is right.

    Candid wedding photography relies on the photographer being switched on so they can read a situation to predict what photos to take. Camera settings need to be on point too.

    It’s not just point and shoot. It’s about being in the right place at the right time!


  • Drone Wedding Photography
    This one is great for big wedding parties who either want a group photo or just want to have some unique angles on their special day.

  • Natural Wedding Photography
    This one is what makes beautiful, soft and dreamy photos. As one of our favourite style in all sorts of photography we do this one very well. If you want this one too – make sure you ask your wedding photographer to explain how they do it. Tip – it’s all in the camera settings.

  • Reportage Style Wedding Photography
    Also known as documentary wedding photography. Reportage style involves recording the full story of your wedding recorded from start to finish.

    This one is tricky, so you’re going to want to book a professional photographer who can do more than take a photo. You want to choose someone who is also able to communicate ideas through imagery.

    For example, when a couple asks us to shoot their whole wedding day, we go from start to finish and make a story throughout the images. This way they not only make sense chronologically, but both as a collection and individually hold more meaning because they have been taken purposefully.

Professional Wedding photography Sydney Prices and Packages
Affordable wedding photography and video packages, Sydney

Wedding Photography and Video Sydney

Packages and Prices


Be sure to check out the list of available extras below!



  • Up to 5 Hours
  • 1 Photographer – Abbie or Tom
  • Optional 2nd photographer
  • Unlimited high quality photos
  • Secure online gallery storage
  • Optional USB


  • Up to 8 Hours
  • 1 Photographer – Abbie or Tom
  • Optional 2nd photographer for
  • Unlimited high quality photos
  • 2 Sets of edited photos -1 black + white and 1 full colour
  • Secure online gallery storage
  • Optional USB


  • The best value and the ultimate coverage of your special day.
  • 10 Hours / full day total coverage time. From getting ready, all day at the event, until you leave at night. This can go over time w/ no extra charge.
  • 1 Photographer – Abbie or Tom
  • Optional 2nd photographer
  • 2 Sets of edited photos -1 black + white and 1 full colour
  • Secure online gallery storage
  • Optional USB

Choose Your Extras

Engagement Shoot

Get some gorgeous photos of you together.
Your choice of theme and location. Creative or classic.
We can create something magical!

1 Hour – $350
2 Hours – $480

Wedding Highlights Video

We capture the highlights throughout our day
photographing and then edit them into a short wedding video.

Not as long or as detailed as a full length wedding video.

Your choice of music. Custom title. 1080p high quality. 4K available for extra. Click here for wedding videography.


These are perfect to give out to your guests at the wedding.

Or as a cute memento for your photo album or wallet.

10 Polaroids starts at $24. They are sold in lots of 10.

Or we can do bulk pricing to cover most wedding sizes.

How much does a wedding photographer cost in Sydney? Check our wedding photography
Yes, there is such a thing as affordable wedding photography in Sydney! We provide a range of unbeatable value packages for you to choose from.

Check your date ♡


Check Our Wedding Photography Blog!

We talk everything weddings, photography, and video.

There are also plenty of tips and tricks for those planning a wedding and trying to book a wedding photographer!


Wedding Photography Blog


What do you photograph with?

It’s one thing to use a camera. But it’s another thing to know how to tell a story through moments captured in time.

We shoot with top of the line Canon cameras which produce super high quality, clear and brilliantly coloured photos (with a little help from our friend Photoshop, of course).

These images are magazine quality – the best for making prints, albums and emailing to your gran (if she can finally figure out Gmail). They’re also perfect for uploading to Instagram and Facebook (p.s. follow us)

But we’re also being asked for cool things like 35mm film photography, point-and-shoot styling, and even polaroids for a different vibe and we love it! They take a little longer to develop and scan, but it’s so fun to throw something different into the mix together with the trusty digital photos.

Everything we shoot can get printed for you, turn into an wedding album, or make a CD with. We can also make slideshows, too!

Make Sure You Ask Your Wedding Photographer These Questions

NOTE: These are just SOME of the tips we have in our free mini eBook – all you need to do is sign up for our newsletter and we’ll send it right to your email.

Whenever a lovely bride or groom to be contacts us to discuss photographing their wedding, we suggest we have a chat either by phone, video call, or in person if location allows.

This is important because you need to find out if you can work together. It’s all well and good to book a photographer who has an excellent portfolio, but what if they lack people skills or presentation? It’s always a good idea to say hello before booking.

These are the questions that you should be asking every photographer when you speak with them before you commit to making a booking.

  • What gear do you use?
    This one is very important. If you want a high quality set of images that you can cherish forever then you’ll want them made with a high quality set of equipment.

    Unfortunately cheaper cameras are not capable of making the highly detailed, high resolution images we all enjoy these days. This becomes especially important in low light situations, when you want to make prints, or trying to enlarge certain pictures for photo albums.


  • How will you deliver my photos?
    It’s a shame that the magic of the old film process has passed. No more developing photos and having prints as the only means of storing your photos. But the magnificent functionality of the Internet and modern computers means that it is super simple to collect and store your pictures.

    We store our customer’s pictures on indefinitely. So they’ll be safe and secure for as long as you need them to be.

    Dropbbox is a trusted cloud storage option. It’s safe, very secure, allows you to download them from anywhere with an internet connection, and even comes with a phone app for convenience. Much better than the ageing CD or USB stick.


  • How do you deal with different kinds of light?
    This one is getting a little bit advanced for some people who might not know much about photography. But it’s very important.

    The quality of light present when a photo is made directly reflects how the photo will turn out.

    So therefore, the answer you’re looking for should reflect what kind of photos you want.

    If you want natural wedding photography style photos then you’ll want a photographer who knows how to use their camera in bright light and shadow.

    If you want brightly lit, flash or tungsten lit photos then you’ll want a photographer who knows how to control light to their advantage.

    And if your wedding is going to be a bit of everything like they usually are – book a pro that loves a challenge.

    We are proud to say we work with any and every kind of light situation and can make great photos in any environment. This is where experience, practice and artistic ability come into play, and that’s the advantage you’re hiring when you book us.

    We actually wrote a blog article on how your wedding venue and the light it has effects your photos. Go here to read it – What are the essential ingredients for amazing wedding photos?


Wedding Photography Sydney


Where are you based?

We’re based on the Gold Coast for now, but we love to travel and are happy to pack a bag.

Do you charge travel fees to visit Sydney?

No, we don’t! We cover the cost of travel with our higher-end wedding photography packages. Specifically, the “Always” and “Forever” packages both include travel and accommodation to Sydney for one night.

The reason for this is that we love travelling to photograph weddings. It’s fun to be part of someone’s special day and get to visit new places.

If you want to book a lower-cost or custom package that’s possible, too! We’ll make you a personalised quote and include the travel at cost price (flights, car rental (if needed) and an Air BnB near your wedding or event).

Can you recommend any pre-wedding photo shoot locations in Sydney?

There are heaps of excellent places for pre-wedding photography in Sydney, Australia. Because Sydney is a unique city that is bordered by the beach and beautiful mountains in every direction.

It really depends on the theme of your shoot and what you want the photos to look like. We’ll recommend some based on this. But for starters –

  • Northern Beaches
  • Sydney Harbour
  • Bondi Beach
  • Dee Why Beach
  • The Blue Mountains


Is Sydney a good place for a destination wedding?

It’s no exaggeration to say that Sydney has a lot to offer. From Sydney City itself to the Northern Beaches, Bondi, out to the Blue Mountains, and even down to the Southern Highlands, you have a lot to choose from.

Sydney is arguably as good as any place for a destination wedding. It just depends on the theme and vibe you want your wedding event to have – seaside beachy, metropolitan city style, or a relaxing natural mountain vibe.

We’re more than happy to travel to any location for to take some pictures.

Destination wedding photography is becoming more popular. Which means there needs to be a destination wedding photographer there to photography the whole event!

We’ll be writing more about choosing the best wedding venues in Australia (or anywhere) in our Blog, so be sure to check in from time to time.

How did you get into photographing weddings?

The short answer is because weddings are great fun! It’s lovely to be a part of such a happy event where everyone is enjoying themselves and celebrating the love of two people.

After working in a photography studio, fashion, advertising, and as a professional photographer for almost 10 years, we were looking for the next step. So we decided to create a new name that specialises in wedding photography – Hearts And Arrows! Click here to read our About Us post.

Choosing a professional wedding photographer Sydney

Just like every other decision that leads into your wedding day, picking the right wedding photographer and wedding videographer is super important!

After all there is a lot on the line. Not only is it hard to repeat a wedding once your wedding has already happened, but there is a huge cost involved.

This is generally where we warn people about the dangers of cheap wedding photography. The reason for this is quite simple – as with most things in life you tend to get what you pay for!

As with many service industries, wedding photography is one where it is wise to invest in level of service that matches your expectations.

If you are spending any sort of amount on your wedding in the hopes of having an amazingly good day, then it makes sense not to cut corners on the photography or wedding video.

After all, you spent thousands on a dress, thousands on a wedding planner, thousands on the venue, food, and drinks, and then want to get a record of all of this to remember forever. Then you’ll need to invest in a photographer who can deliver (pssst, that’s us!).

This doesn’t mean that you have to splash out on the most expensive fine art wedding photography available. It just means you probably shouldn’t book a wedding photographer from Gumtree. Or your mate’s mate. This is important!

It just means you need to be selective when searching for wedding photography packages in Sydney. Make sure to read our list of questions above to help you choose. Also be sure to sign up for our newsletter to receive your free e-Book on how to plan wedding photos. it’ll help you make a better choice and you’ll know what to look for when booking.

There are SO many professional wedding photographers in Sydney – Why should we pick you?!

When you type into Google – professional wedding photography in Sydney – you’re going to be greeted with tonnes of options to choose from, and it can become quite time consuming really quickly.

We don’t like to go with the high pressure approach. But we do like to inform our potential customers about what they are purchasing when they book a wedding photographer and videographer.

Of course you’ll want to pick the best fit for your wedding. Many people focus on price and availability as the deciding factors, especially when there is a budget involved. These are important but they are only part of the story.

Some photographers are only suited to certain kinds of weddings and may lack the skills required to perform as a professional photographer would.

How do we book you to photograph our wedding or engagement shoot?

If you’d like to arrange to have a coffee to discuss your big day then that’s no problem too. We’re also able to do Skype, Zoom or FaceTime. We have Whatsapp, too!

Do you do wedding videos?

YES we do! Whether it’s a slideshow, full video, drone video, or anything else – it’s all possible. We can do 1090p high definition or full 4K wedding video.

Can we book two photographers to photograph the wedding?

Yes, we can do that! Both myself and Abbie are available to shoot together. If you book us for both wedding photography and videography when we do both on the day.

Just mention that you want an extra photographer if it isn’t included in the package you are looking at. We’ll customise one to suit you.

Are affordable wedding photography packages in Sydney the norm?

You get a lot of different options when looking for – wedding photography Sydney prices – in Google.

Many people assume that everything in Sydney is more expensive, because generally it is! Ha ha but really, that’s not always the case.

As with most parts of Australia there is a wide variety of people from all walks of life living in Sydney. But one thing is for sure – Sydney is usually associated with higher prices for everything, from the cost of living to the cost of a beer.

So one would assume that affordable wedding photography in Sydney would not be available! But the reality is there there is plenty of affordable wedding photography in Sydney.

But the thing is – wedding photography pricing shouldn’t be based on the location. You’re paying for a level of service and that service should be the same everywhere you go! And therefore the price should remain the same no matter where you are.

So, wedding photographer packages in Sydney are not necessarily more expensive than anywhere else in Australia.

The one thing that you might find is deciding between a local photographer and one who needs to travel. If this situation arises we recommend you choose just as you would without the travel involved.

Some couples may be deterred if there are costs involved with the photographer travelling to your special day. This is quite common for destination weddings, but not always for those getting married in their local area.

We always say that it any travel costs should be considered as an investment in your wedding photographer’s services and the unique outcome they can create.

It’s a compromise, but one that doesn’t impact negatively on the set of photos you’ll have to look back on. If anything it means you are more likely to get what you want, so why not!

Plus, in our case anyway, we are sometimes in the area or have a need to be shortly. So it’s always worth asking.

We also don’t include travel costs for our higher end packages.

Can you help with more affordable wedding photography packages?

We always say that we’re willing to work with our customers on what they need to make their special day photography possible. We are supportive of those looking for budget wedding photography and so we’re more than happy to help out when we can.

That’s why we offer affordable wedding photography packages in Sydney that are the same as the wedding photography packages we offer everywhere – in Australia and around the world.

Our wedding photography packages are based on the standard wedding format and timeframes.

And if one of our packages isn’t suitable for you then we can always make something just for you. It’s always good to compromise and help whenever we can.

Can you price match for me? I found a cheap price…

Don’t worry, we know what it’s like – weddings can be costly and booking a photographer is another thing on the already long list.

We don’t believe in making shortcuts in the quality of our work, but there are certainly things we can negotiate and customise to your exact wedding photography needs.

The result will be the same – magazine quality images. But maybe there will be a lot less time involved. Or you would simply like a video instead. We like to maintain that every wedding is unique and that everything is possible.

If you have an itemised quote then please send it to us via email together with more information on your wedding and requirements.

We’re always happy to work with our customers so we look forward to hearing from you.