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Love stories told through cherished moments that you can hold forever... that's what we do!

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We’re Abbie and Tom, two wedding photographers who are happily in love. Together we make up Hearts And Arrows.

We photograph your wedding day with all the shine and energy it deserves ♡

You can relax knowing we’ll be capturing all the love, laughter and excitement.

Our goal is to create beautiful wedding photos that you’ll cherish for now and ever!

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Wedding Photography Packages

We’re proud to offer you gorgeous photos with the perfect balance of value and outstanding results. All packages able to be customised to your event.
All of our packages include –

– Unlimited wedding photos taken on the day
– Two sets of edited photos – 1 colour and 1 black and white
– A FREE photo slideshow – perfect for slide night!
– Secure online storage on Dropbox
– Outstanding value – more included for you money
– An absolutely beautiful finished product that you will be proud to look back on
Wedding Videography

We make beautiful wedding photos happen! Affordable Wedding Photography And Videography Sydney
Affordable wedding photographer Sydney - That's us!
Looking for affordable wedding photography on the Gold Coast? You've found it! We also do awesome pre-wedding photography, engagement shoots and lots more.


Wedding Photography and Videography Packages


Be sure to check out the list of available extras below!



  • Up to 5 Hours
  • 1 Photographer – Abbie or Tom
  • Optional 2nd photographer
  • Unlimited high quality photos
  • Secure online gallery storage
  • Optional USB


  • Up to 8 Hours
  • 1 Photographer – Abbie or Tom
  • Optional 2nd photographer for
  • Unlimited high quality photos
  • 2 Sets of edited photos -1 black + white and 1 full colour
  • Secure online gallery storage
  • Optional USB


  • The best value and the ultimate coverage of your special day.
  • 10 Hours / full day total coverage time. From getting ready, all day at the event, until you leave at night. This can go over time w/ no extra charge.
  • 1 Photographer – Abbie or Tom
  • Optional 2nd photographer
  • 2 Sets of edited photos -1 black + white and 1 full colour
  • Secure online gallery storage
  • Optional USB


Available Add-Ons

Engagement Photoshoot

Get some gorgeous photos of you together.
Your choice of theme and location. Creative or classic.
We can create something magical!

Wedding Highlights Video

We capture the highlights throughout our day
photographing and then edit them into a short video.

Not as long or as detailed as a full video, but still HEAPS of the best stuff.

Click here for our packages – Wedding Videography

Your choice of music. Custom title. 1080p high quality. 4K available at extra cost.


These are perfect to give out to your guests at the wedding.

Or as a cute memento for your photo album or wallet.

10 Polaroids starts at $24. They are sold in lots of 10.

Or we can do bulk pricing to cover most wedding sizes.


Check your date ♡


Customise your package with our fun and cute little extras!


Engagement pictures, pre wedding shoots, couple photos

Get some lovely picture of you together as a couple. You can relive your engagement, do a practice run at your venue, get some experience in front of the camera and just have a great time.

Wedding Videography

Yes, we do wedding video! From short wedding videos to long wedding videos and in between. It’s all possible.

Go here for our Wedding Cinematography page.

Cool ideas include – video wishes ‘booth’ for your guests to leave a message, stationary cameras for your ceremony, drone footage, and lots more!

Extra Time

Book us for as long as you need to. We’re happy to stick around.

Disposable Cameras

Let your guests capture some of the fun in the timeless cool of film photography! We can supply 35mm disposable cameras that have 24 shots each with a flash included.

We can also organise to have them developed for you by a photo lab, with optional prints and digital scanning available.

Professional Quality 35mm Wedding Photography

This one is for that super vintage feel with beautiful tones and a unique look. We shoot on some of the best film equipment ever made. Printing and digital scanning also able to be arranged. Please enquire about this option as we can make it a small or big thing – up to you!


The instant film photo is a super fun way to capture some memories. Your guests can also take home a sweet memento of the celebrations. We offer both mini and large size polaroids. This extra usually requires a second photographer, so please enquire about adding this option to your chosen wedding photography package.

Travel To Your Destination Wedding

We are based in Queensland, spending time between Brisbane and the GC. But we love travelling and are always ready to pack a bag.

With the popularity of destination weddings growing it’s only becoming more normal to need to pack a bag. Depending on the distance we may need to pass on some of the costs of travel, but we’ll keep it to a minimum as we love a good excuse to get away.


Wedding photography and videography packages Gold Coast

– Quick questions + Answers


Where are you located?

We live on the Gold Coast, but we also visit Brisbane all the time.

We are also happy to travel to Byron Bay, Sydney, Cairns, Toowoomba, and Melbourne.

We’re hoping Perth and Tasmania will pop up someday soon. Yeah, we like to get around!

As avid travellers ourselves we’re all for the new trend of destination weddings, so we’re also destination wedding photographers who do video.

So we’re more than happy to pack up our stuff and meet you somewhere beautiful!

But if you’re planning to get married in South East Queensland, the good news is that all of our wedding photography and videography packages include travel within South East Queensland (up to 2 hours from the Gold Coast).

Can we meet up to discuss our wedding photography and videography needs?

Of course! We love meeting our clients and talking about our plan for the big day!

Usually we’ll suggest a coffee if distance allows, but we can also do phone calls, FaceTime of Skype if it’s more convenient.

We believe it’s best to get to know your clients and see if we can work together to make something magical. That way we’re all on the same page and everyone knows what to expect.

What is the booking process?

First it’s up to you to say hello. Even if you aren’t sure exactly which package you want, just send us a quick message or call us for a chat. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have before you make a booking.

Once we’ve made contact we’ll discuss your dates, how we fit into your wedding plan, any special requirements or extras, and the kind of images you want the most.

We then ask you to 100% confirm a date and pay the booking deposit (50% of the total cost) to lock in your special day date.

We’ll then make arrangements to be there or be square!

It is important to book as soon as possible, as we are open to bookings well into the future and agree to hold a booking once it is made. So, whether your event is in 2 days or two years, once we’re booked, we are booked.

How long does it take for our wedding photos or video to be sent to us after the big day?

Of course it depends on how much we have on and the time of year. Usually within 1-2 weeks, but possibly up to 3 weeks in peak season. We also don’t believe in rushing!

So, we always do our best to get everything organized and sent through as soon as we can. Because we know it makes for smiles. Plus, a beautiful set of wedding photos or a wedding video is worth waiting for after all!

How will we receive our wedding photos or wedding video?

The easiest way we can send your wedding photos or wedding film to you is using This allows you to download them using your computer or device with the official DropBox app. They will remain in our Dropbox for 2 years afterward at no cost.

We can also make you a CD or USB, though both are very easily damaged and not archival quality, so they are best used as a temporary device.

You can then make prints for albums and create your own backups on different devices or cloud services. All wedding photos are delivered in high resolution JPEG format, not RAW, for your convenience. We can organise RAW files if you like too for an additional cost.

Do you offer wedding albums, prints, frames, canvases or anything else?

We’re best at making wedding photos and wedding videos and we want to give all of our efforts to. We also don’t believe in charging extra for getting a third party to make something for you.

We can help you prepare your files ready for printing. Then we connect you with a reputable supplier for these specialist services.

You will have creative license to print them for your own personal use as much as you want. Though we do retain commercial rights to any pictures or video we create.

What kind of equipment do you photograph with?

We mostly shoot with Canon 1D and 5D cameras and have done so for our whole photography careers.

But we also have a Contax G2, Ricoh GR2 and Polaroid Mini doing some good work. We use these for our extras like 35mm film photography, bride and groom polaroids, creative engagement photoshoots, and more.

Then we have a kit of lights and flashes. We also carry spares with us on the big day so we have a backup in case we need it.

I’m looking for a cheap wedding photographer for a short ceremony/event – can you help?

Probably! Our main focus is on providing affordable wedding photos with unbeatable extras and a high quality result.

We’ve done our research and built our wedding packages to be as good a value as anyone else+ can offer.

But we do realise that everyone is different and so are their events, which is why we like to work with our clients whenever possible. So if we’re free on your day then we’ll be happy to create you an amazing package.

Do we get all of the wedding photos you take?

That’s a big Y-E-S! The good, the bad, the beautiful and the blurry – it’s all included for you to pour through. Did someone say slide night?!

We don’t really take bad photos though so usually they’re just funny faces, happy people and lots of laughs.

We actually include a free slideshow with our higher end wedding photography packages, too.

Do you watermark your wedding photos?

Of course not. We don’t think it’s necessary to brand our pictures. Plus they distract from the most important topic – you on your big day!

Any photos you commission are for you. It’s just our job to take them and take them well.

Does a wedding photographer attend the wedding rehearsal?

Usually we don’t attend event rehearsals but they can be great fun.

So if you’re thinking about adding rehearsal coverage to your wedding imagery package please let us know when making your booking.

We can also do a wedding rehearsal video, too!

Can you stay for our whole weekend of wedding coverage or attend our destination wedding?

Yes! Especially with destination weddings becoming more popular, people are looking to have extended coverage for many days full of fun, laughter and love.

If this is something you’re looking for then we can customise a destination wedding photographer package just for you.

We also have a page on Destination Wedding Locations In Australia for you to check out.

Can you photograph some of our wedding in 35mm film?

Yes, we certainly can. This option would probably be suited to shorter wedding times or elopements, but it’s definitely possible and would make for a unique look that modern technology can’t beat.

We love going back to the way things used to be done before digital photography came along!

Another option is to let the second photographer shoot some film while we use our high resolution digital cameras to shoot the main events of the wedding. This way you’ll get two unique sets of wedding photos.