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Toowoomba is a beautiful place for a wedding!

Toowoomba has grown from a cute little town to a regional hub for the surrounding areas. But it certainly hasn’t lost it’s charm. Beautiful tree lined streets, heritage houses, a community vibe, and fresh mountain air mean it’s unlike any other place around.

The rich soil also makes for lush vegetation and beautiful gardens! Perfect for those wanting to get married in a natural setting.

And then there are the views, which are absolutely breathtaking!

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Toowoomba Wedding Photographer

If you’re looking for a someone to make some photos or video on your special day then its time to relax – you’ve found us. And we’re an excellent choice 😉

We love telling love stories that capture the enjoyment and happy times during the wedding day. It’s nice to make people smile with a gorgeous set of wedding photos or a wedding video that they get to keep forever.

We believe our work is truly an investment in the memory of your love story, so we do our absolute best to make your end result as beautiful as possible.

Our packages cover all wedding types and offer outstanding value. Just take a look for yourself! Click here for our Toowoomba wedding photography packages.

And if they don’t suit what you need then we can make a custom package to suit your your wedding, event, engagement shoot needs, couple use them as a base to build on. We want to make your booking experience quick, easy and delightful.

After all, there are more exciting and fun things to worry about when planning your wedding.

So, let us do what we do best – produce a beautiful set of high resolution memories that you will cherish for now and ever. It will be our pleasure.

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Toowoomba Wedding Venues

Toowoomba has many great options for theming your wedding. Generally, you’re going to either have a garden theme, a barn theme, or something in between!

Most places will have some kind of view which can be a beautiful backdrop for your wedding ceremony. Especially if you have an afternoon or even a sunset ceremony!

  • Picnic Point – This is maybe one of the best views out from Toowoomba east towards Brisbane and the Gold Coast.You have two options here – a very affordable outdoor wedding spot that has a waterfall, with only a $90 rental fee for the park gazebo, which is outstanding value for those on a budget.

    If you chose to have your wedding in the park you will need to choose a reception venue. Which could possibly be the Picnic Point Restaurant that is conveniently located on site.

    The Picnic Point Restaurant has a massive function centre and catering facilities, so it may be an easy choice. Click here for their website – Toowoomba Picnic Point Weddings.

  • Gabbinbar Homestead – This place is beautiful! Easily one of the nicest places to get married in the Toowoomba region.When you rent Gabbinbar for the day you get the entire estate with ample room for plenty of guests. The setting and property are simply gorgeous – this place is the definition of vintage country-luxe and shows in every way.

    We love the entire look and feel of this place! Especially when you factor how many gorgeous photography spots are on the property. Photo ideas include the permanently set up outdoor light features, dancing under chandeliers, the light and airy conservatory, and any number of spots within the well manicured grounds.

    Check out their website for more – Gabbinbar Homestead Wedding Venue – Toowoomba

  • Preston Manor & Village Chapel – Fancy a wedding in a cute all white 100 year old chapel? Then this is the place!The chapel was built in the 1800’s and then restored to be better than new. Together with the spacious manner house it offers something very unique and different to many of the other Toowoomba wedding venues.

    The property also offers panoramic views out to the Great Dividing Range at every side, so you’re sure to have a breathtaking backdrop to your big day.

    There is also on site catering which is convenient if you don’t want to source your own.

    You can visit their website here – Preston Manor & Village Chapel Toowoomba Wedding Venue


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Do you charge for travel?

Toowoomba is only a couple of hours drive away from our house. So it’s not too far, but depending on when we finish we might need to stay over.

So we can stay if required for late finish or multi day events – let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

We love to get around Australia, so we’re happy to visit, stay a night or two, and attend your special day/s.

Where should we get married in Toowoomba?

This is always a tough question to answer! But for us it comes down to value. We’re happy to spend the money on an experience.

Our top pick would be Gabbinbar Homestead for it’s unique country-luxe feel and large size. But we’re also partial to a view, meaning we’d probably choose the Preston Village Chapel for a late afternoon sunset ceremony.

Wedding videos – can you make one for us?

Yes, of course we can! Video is just moving photos after all 😉 We can easily add one for you.

Just let us know what you’re after and we’ll organise a competitive price you’ll find both fair and affordable.

We’re all about great value and big smiles, after all! Go here for our wedding cinematography page.

Can you do cheap wedding photography?

Every couple and wedding event is different. So it makes sense that there will be different wedding photography needs! So, why wouldn’t we be willing to accommodate. It’s the nice thing to do.

Send us a message using the form above. We just need your big day’s event details, what you want to have photographed, if you need wedding video or not, any cool extras to throw in, the time you need, and we’ll be in touch ASAP.