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Create something special with a bespoke elopement ceremony made just for you.

So you’ve said “let’s elope”. We think that’s an excellent idea!

Whether you want to run away or just join your partner in privacy, eloping is the perfect way to make things official without the extravagance, expense, and time of a full wedding.

Whether you marry by the rolling blue sea, looking out to sunset over the hinterland, at a private location, or anywhere else, we’re delighted to help you make it happen.

We’re professional wedding photographers who can help you organise a special ceremony that is everything you’ve dreamed of, and more.

Our network of connections allows you to get the very best of wedding suppliers in your area. We don’t just work with our friends. We help you find the best person suited to making your elopement as unique and special experience that is unique to you as a couple.

While the number of people is small and the aim is simple, the experience of eloping must still be something to remember.

Elope Definition

To define ‘elope’ is to have a very small wedding.

Typically, elopements wedding is below 5 people. A celebrant, bride, groom, photographer, and a witness.

Sometimes an elopement can be referred to as a micro wedding. Which is usually closer to 10 people in number, and includes the above officials plus a limited number of family and friends.

Reasons to Elope

There are plenty of reasons to elope!

For some couples the act of getting married is something private that they don’t wish to share with everyone. This may be for personal or practical reasons.

The cost of holding a full wedding is also a large factor, with many people moving towards cheaper wedding events with better honeymoons or house purchases being a priority.

How do you elope?

A lot of people don’t understand what the process for eloping is. Really, it’s pretty simple!

You simply organise a small ceremony with someone to officiate and witness it – usually a celebrant and another person. A small amount of guests is also optional.

Once you have had your ceremony and photoshoot, the celebrant will take care of the required paperwork which must be submitted to the registry of births, deaths and marriages in your area.

Elopement Celebrant

There are many good celebrants all over Australia who will make your elopement fabulous. As with booking any celebrant, we firstly recommend someone you like, get along with, and shares your vision for a beautiful joining.

One thing to be mindful of, is that it’s important to pick a celebrant who is able to complete the legal side of things as easily as possible.

Depending on their system, you’ll potentially need to complete a number of forms. Or they may take all of your information, complete the forms for you, get them witnessed, lodge them, and then posted to you for convenience.

It’s important to note that there is a 1 month limit on when your forms need to be submitted to make everything official.

How To Elope

1. Decide – mini or micro?
2. Choose your location
3. Book a celebrant! There are plenty of qualified celebrants out there. If you need a recommendation for your area, just ask us.
4. Book your photographer – that’s us! It’s important to book in advance whenever possible.
5. Get a nice outfit!
6. Book a time and day
7. Have your ceremony somewhere special
8. Go on an awesome honeymoon

Eloping Ideas

Some of the best eloping ideas are those that nobody would think of.

One of the most exciting things about having a micro wedding is that there are no ‘rules’! You can do whatever you want.

This leaves a tonne of room for couples to do pretty much anything they can think of.

Some of the best ideas for eloping are simple. After all, thats the point of eloping, right?!

One popular idea is finding a beautiful natural area. Depending on where you live this might require a little bit of travel. But you have to think of the bigger picture!

Popular ideas include natural elopements, at home, on the beach, at a place that is significant to you as a couple,

Best Places To Elope

Beach elopements are hard to beat, especially if you’re conveniently close. Thankfully we are lucky to have beautiful beaches in Australia, so why not make the most of them.

Top tip – the Mid-north coast of NSW has some beautiful beaches that are practically deserted

Visit the beautiful hinterland – Australia has some absolutely beautiful mountain scenery around most of the regional centres.

Your Home – if you love your home and its special to you, why not organise a small gathering with your closest and get married. This would be more like a micro wedding, but it will still tick all the boxes.

Rent a private property that has a nice setting, elope, then stay there after!

Go for a road trip! We’ve been collecting some of the best road trips around and will be posting them on our site as we go.

If you’re in Brisbane or the Gold Coast, why not head North or South. You can choose from the Sunshine Coast to the North of Brisbane and hit the beautiful beaches.

Or if you want the most beautiful mountain scenery in NSW, head down to Waterfall Way in the New England area.

Be mindful that you may need to organise a permit to have your ceremony outside depending on local regulations and the style of event you’re trying to have.

Elope Gold Coast

There are an endless amount of beaches for a beach elopement. BUT not all of them are as nice or offer as good a backdrop. Plus there are crowds to contend with. We can recommend a few of the best.

Find a mountain view – there are some gorgeous spots that face both east and west. We won’t share these here because we want to keep them for our couples only.

As Gold Coast locals, we can offer some special Gold Coast Elopement Packages that no other supply can – contact us for more information.

Elope Byron Bay

There are so many beautiful places in the Northern Rivers area. From the secret beaches of Byron (ask us about this, you won’t find them without us), to the luscious hinterland with endless views. Once again ask us and we can recommend.

Elope Brisbane

It’s a little bit harder to find places to have your Brisbane Elopement! There are tonnes of parks and river views to find. One of the best would have to be Kangaroo Point, the City Botanic Gardens, and New Farm Park.

Elopement Packages

We’re proud to offer some of the best value elopement packages in Australia.

We can offer photography and video alone, or you can go for a full package that includes a celebrant, hair and makeup, flowers, paperwork, permits and anything else.

Contact us for more. We custom make all of our elopement wedding packages for every couple and their unique vision.

How long does it take to plan an elopement?

Much, much less time than a full wedding.

Elopements are often planned and decided on in a very short time frame.

Usually making the decisions is the longest part. Followed by booking your suppliers.

As always, we recommend you get started as soon as possible.

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