Destination Wedding Locations

Everyone wants to get married in a beautiful place. And most people like to travel. So its no surprise that destination weddings are becoming more popular as couples look to make their wedding be as memorable as possible.

Whether these places are in your back yard, a road trip or an international flight away, they are all unique and beautiful in their own way. There are so many wedding locations in Australia that it’s hard to count.

“After all, the world is full of beautiful sights, places and people!”


If you’re reading about a wedding location on our website you can be sure that our services are available in that area. Hearts And Arrows is always delighted to photograph and video your wedding no matter what the location. As keen travellers ourselves we love a good excuse to get away. After all, the world is full of beautiful sights, places and people!

Anywhere you need us – we’ll be there with a smile.

With so many beautiful places in the world couples have an infinite amount of possibilities to choose from. Making your love official in a beautiful location adds to the experience and takes your wedding’s backdrop to the next level.

It’s our job to turn your ideal wedding even into a beautiful set of photos for you to remember and we’re happy to travel whenever we get the chance.



Choosing a wedding location doesn’t have to be hard!

In our destination pages you’ll find information on the most popular wedding locations in Australia.

We cover some of the great features these destinations have to offer, information about local venues or potential spots to get married, any positives or difficulties we can see, and try to give an impartial review with tips and inside info taken from our experience.

“It’s a big world out there, so why not make the most of it on your big day?”


We’ll also try to include things we have seen or are excited about seeing that you might like to feature in your ceremony or wedding event plans. It’s a big world out there, so why not make the most of it on your big day?

We hope you enjoy reading these and if you have any comments or would like to discuss your photography needs, please call or send us a message through the form below.


We’re looking forward to hearing from you!


Abbie & Tom


We’ve compiled a list of all the most popular places people get married in Australia and Abroad.

We’ll be adding to this list as we go, so if you don’t see your location just yet that’s why.

If you need us to photograph somewhere not mentioned then send us a message through the form below.



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We believe in giving our customers great value and the ability to choose what they want. So we’ve done our best to offer something for everyone. Plus, there are lots of fun extra options available!

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Destination Wedding Photography Q + A


What is a destination wedding?

A destination wedding is a wedding at a location that requires travel to get to. There is no specific amount of travel required to define your special day as a destination wedding. Usually a couple of hours from home is a good start. And an overnight stay might be required.

But that’s it! It’s not hard to find a pretty spot to get married. Many people think a destination wedding requires flying overseas but that’s not the case. Plus, there are many beautiful wedding destinations right here in Australia.

If you’re based in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, are you still willing to travel to our wedding day?

The short answer is that of course, we’d love to! Chances are that if we’re free and can make it on the day then we’ll be delighted to photograph at your dream wedding destination.

Destination weddings and the need for photography is growing in popularity. Choosing to have your event in the perfect setting can often help you get closer to the goal of having that perfect wedding.

Whether it’s on white sand, in a private garden or at an award winning wedding venue, your wedding location does make all the difference to the experience and everlasting memories.

As wedding photography and video professionals it’s our job to capture the magic, and we love doing it! There’s nothing more exciting than packing your bags, hitting the road or hopping a flight to be a part of a lovely event full of happy people.


Do you include travel and accommodation in your wedding photography packages?

Generally most photographers pass on the full cost of travel to their client, but we believe in the age old adage that fair is fair. Plus, we like to make people smile!

If your event is within South East Queensland then we don’t charge, but if we need to fly, drive for any more than 1.5 hours, or stay overnight then we might ask you to help out with extra costs.

We love to see new places and meet new people, so we’re always up for an adventure and don’t mind spending time to get to your special day.


Are certain wedding venues or destinations better for taking photos?

Every wedding location has it’s challenges and benefits. All types of wedding venues and locations require our full attention and skill set.

A nice cool day with warm light is our favourite, but that’s not always possible. Things like wind, strong sun, heat and the immediate surrounds all effect the environment in which we make photographs. Even the time of day together with the month of the year effects the way light works.

Luckily working with all kinds of conditions and natural light is our jam. There’s always an image to be made no matter what the situation – it’s just up to the photographer’s ability and experience to capture the moment.

While we’re able to work with all kinds of locations and weather, the rest of the event may be difficult is there’s no backup plan. Remember – all good wedding planners should provide you with a backup plan that works in with the unique features and location of your dream destination wedding.


We want you to photograph our wedding! How do we check our date and book in?

Checking your date at the earliest convenience is a good start to getting your booking secured. We work on a first-come, first-served basis and our bookings do tend to fill up well in advance. So as soon as you’re ready say hello and we’ll get the ball rolling.

Our booking process is very easy. We chat on the phone, maybe meet for a coffee or video call to talk about your event and requirements, and then confirm the date. Once the confirmation is accepted the deposit is due and we can start planning to attend your special day.


Will you attend our wedding for more than one day? We have a lot planned and want someone to photograph the whole thing!

When people fly or travel a great distance for a wedding they usually want to stay for more than one day. It makes sense to make the trip worthwhile after all.

So we can most definitely include extra days together with our normal wedding packages. Just get in touch to discuss and we’ll strike up a plan. Click here to visit our Wedding Photography Packages page.