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Cairns Wedding Photographer

Having your wedding in or around Cairns? We’ll be there!

You’ve probably gathered that we love travelling to attend a special day. We are always up for jumping on a plane and heading up north, whether it’s just for a weekend or a few weeks.

Cairns has some wildly beautiful places – which you’ll already know about if you’re a local. This same beauty is what makes Cairns such a popular place to visit, and one of the fastest growing areas for tourism in Australia.

Local or not, if you’re thinking of getting married in the area then you’ll want to check out this quick little list of some popular Cairns wedding locations. Its always a good idea to know your options, even if you are using a wedding planner, as you are the one who has to choose where to have your special day.


Cairns Wedding Venues + Locations

Atherton Tablelands – A stunning tropical wonderland full of very green rainforest. If you think of the lushest greenery you’ve ever seen and then doubled it you might just be close!This area has many scenic views, gorgeous wedding venues, waterfalls, national parks, a winery, brewery, and lots more. Plus, if you time it right and have your wedding in October, the big and beautiful jacaranda trees will be covered in purple flowers.

Our top pick for this area would be the Foxwell Park Lodge wedding venue. It’s hard to pass up the stunning views out over the Tablelands, lush green parklands, flowing waterfall, and rainforest surrounds.

Palm Cove – A cute little beachside town that is half way between Port Douglas and Cairns. It is a gorgeous area with a real tropical town feel, with plenty of accommodations and things to do. Or just relax with a cool drink on the beach. Sounds pretty good to us!

It is also home to Australia’s only purpose built beachside chapel – the Alamanda Great Barrier Reef Chapel – which is absolutely gorgeous! It’s light and airy feel is situated right on the beach and looks out towards the Great Barrier Reef over the Coral Sea.

Daintree Rainforest – This place is one big WOW! An area of outstanding natural beauty that has been added to the World Heritage List, this giant rainforest is a tropical oasis full of lush greenery. It doesn’t get more peaceful than this.The Daintree is the perfect place to get married if you interested in nature and the environment – there’s nothing quite like getting married in a rainforest after all! With a gorgeous array of fauna and flora it’ll be hard not to feel like you’re in a gorgeous setting.

Our top pick would be the Misty Mountains Tropical Rainforest Retreat because you can choose your favourite spot for your wedding ceremony, and then have your reception at the same place.

Mission Beach – This little seaside gem is a couple of hours south of Cairns, and 3 hours north of Townsville. But it’s WELL worth the drive. If a gorgeous secluded beach is something you can then this is probably your best bet! This place is all about unfiltered tropical relaxation. Maybe one of the nicest seaside destinations on the main land.

Mission Beach does have a bit of everything in terms of locations – seaside or rainforest, up to you. So you have more than a few options to choose from.There is also plenty of luxury accommodation available for both the wedding couple and the wedding party. You can count this one for a little slice of paradise.

Port Douglas – This little beauty is only about an hour’s drive away from Cairns, which is really not too far for what you get – an amazing beachside town with a chill vibe and plenty of potential!

Port Douglas has plenty to choose from if you want a luxury seaside destination for your wedding ceremony and reception. Choose from the three different five stars resorts dotted along Four Mile Beach – the main beach in Port Douglas.Our pick would be the newly renovated Sheraton Grand Mirage with it’s gorgeous beachside location and up-market tropical island feel.

Where to honeymoon near Cairns?

These days it’s easy to get a flight from Cairns to most parts of Australia in just a few hours. Budget airlines like Jetstar and to a lesser extent Qantas are always flying to Cairns. This means that getting your guests to your Cairns destination wedding is easier than you think.

If you’re a local and set on taking a trip away from Cairns to grab some luxury, consider the Gold Coast as a somewhat tropical getaway that’s not too far.

One amazing opportunity that’s convenient is visiting the Great Barrier Reef. The Reef is a world heritage listed area and is one of Australia’s most unique and special natural attractions. As one of the world’s great natural wonders, you’d be hard pressed to have unique and special experience in terms of location and activities.

Sounds good? Well, then you have a few options. The Great Barrier Reef isn’t far from Cairns no matter what. There are heaps of resorts all around the area. Hamilton Island is a good example, especially if you like sailing.

But if you want a very exclusive and luxury accommodation experience with an unbeatable location, then you will want to consider Lizard Island. If walking down to the beach, stepping into the water and swimming above the Reef is what you’re after, then this is probably the best place for it.

Other resort islands like Hamilton Island require a boat trip out to the Reef, but Lizard Island is right on top of it. So no travel is necessary to go snorkelling, unless you want to see some more of the local attractions.

The price is not for the savers out there, but the rooms and facilities are of the very highest standard. When you couple the privacy and seclusion together with the best Great Barrier Reef luxury accommodation then it’s no wonder the price and experience are at premium levels.

How does getting married on your own private island sound? Lizard Island also caters to wedding ceremonies and receptions with up to 80 guest.

Visit their website to take a look for yourself. Maybe not for a long stay, but for a couple of nights it would be absolutely magic!


Need a Cairns Wedding Photographer?

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Photographing weddings is our jam!

We’ve been doing it for a long time now and love it. Why? Because we love making people smile by capturing the most joyous moments of their special day!

Mix in some light, good composition and a bit of creativity and you have a set of memories you’ll cherish for now and ever.

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Do you charge extra to travel to Cairns?

We always do our best not to pass on the full cost of travel to our customers. But with our travel we bring excellent service, high resolution image quality, a masterful eye, and a high-end result. You’re investing in a beautiful set of photos that you’ll be able to cherish forever. So we think its worth having us fly in and sleep over.

Normally we don’t even need to when we’re on the Gold Coast, or Brisbane, because we don’t have far to travel. But Cairns is a little bit far to drive, so we have to fly. But that’s OK – we love to get around Australia, so we’re happy to visit, stay a night or two, and attend your destination wedding.

Where is your pick of somewhere to get married in the Cairns region?

That’s a always a tough one! We think there are some beautiful spots to get both the beach ceremony with the rainforest reception at Mission Beach. But for the luxury experience for all you can’t go past Port Douglas.

If money was no object we’d fly everyone to Lizard Island and stay forever!

Wedding videos – can you make one for us?

Yes, of course we can! Video is just moving photos after all 😉 We can easily into your wedding photography package.

Just let us know what you’re after and we’ll organise a competitive price you’ll find both fair and affordable.

Go here for our wedding videography.

Can we customise a package to our needs and/or get a lower price?

We’re always happy to work with our customers to create amazing custom options designed just for their event. All we need to do is have a quick chat and then we can provide you with a quote.

Send us a message using the form above. We just need your big day’s event details, what you want to have photographed, whether you would like a wedding video, the time you need, and we’ll be in touch ASAP.